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Good law enforcement officers and professionals feel a sense of duty and commitment to community service. Sheriffs' Deputies are always on the front lines serving the community.



We take great pride working in conjunction with all other agencies working on the same goals. Deputies seen here working at The Office of Emergency Management Building.


Respect to all the men and women in blue out doing their job to make this city safe. The Warrants Unit along with The Field Support Unit seen here executing a Warrant of Arrest.

What does a NYC Sheriff Deputy do?

A NYC Deputy Sheriff enforces both Civil and Criminal matters. The New York City Sheriff's Office is composed of three sections: Operations, Intelligence, and Support.

Intelligence Section

The Intelligence Section is composed of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and the Intelligence Unit. The BCI investigates city tax violation, real property larceny/deed fraud, synthetic narcotic enforcement (such as spice/K2 and bath salts) and other offenses against the Department of Finance. The Intelligence Unit collects, analyzes, and disseminates information from various sources to be readily available for agency use. Intelligence Section personnel include criminal investigators, deputy sheriffs, and civilian support personnel.

Support Section

The Support Section handles communications, property disposition, evidence destruction and field support services for the entire agency. Support Section personnel include deputy sheriffs and criminal investigators.



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Since 1993


Operations Section

The Operations Section is composed of the five county field offices and certain units working citywide. Within the county field offices, deputy sheriffs assigned to civil enforcement duties are referenced as Law Enforcement Bureau (LEB) personnel. LEB deputies perform a wide array of tasks such as evictions, warrants of arrest, orders to commit, and the seizure and sale of property pursuant to judicial mandates. Businesses and individuals that owe the city money pursuant to unpaid city tax warrants, environmental control board summons, and fire and health code violation fines, are targeted for enforcement action. LEB deputies also serve a wide variety of legal process, with orders of protection considered a priority. These field offices are accessible to the public, giving citizens of the county/borough a local place to file court process in need of enforcement. Deputies of the Operations Section may be assigned to duties separate from the LEB, either within a county field office or citywide. These duties include arrests and apprehensions on behalf of other none law enforcement city agencies such as the Human Resources Administration, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and the Administration for Children's Services. Deputies may be assigned to scofflaw enforcement or security duties at the city treasury. The Operations Section will also provide deputies for any other assignment as deemed necessary by the agency.

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